AKRON CHAPTER CORN ROAST - SEPTEMBER 20, 2005    


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   Chorus members chomping ears      "Hall of Fame Chorus" belts out a tune     "Harmony Supply Line" entertains



       "Accent" sings for the crowd             "Keyed Up" is really keyed up                              Some of the Crowd



          The Cooks (Mostly)                        "Derbytown Sound" Divisonal Champs


                                          ANNUAL STARK COUNTY FAIR FRITTER BOOTH 


     The Crowd loves them "Fritters"                  Hall of Fame Fritter Fryers



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    The Chalkdusters Quartet - cir.'70's       Harmony Workshop - McKinley HS        Harmony Workshop - Timken HS


                            INTER CHAPTER VISIT TO SCHOENBRUNN VALLEY                                         


  Canton & Schoenbruun Perform