The Canton Chapter's only International first place, Gold Medal winners. The Silvertones won the Senior Quartet Contest in 1988, in only their second attempt. The quartet was comprised of Tenor - Bob Reidenbach, Lead - Bill Brooks, Bass - Ralph Shonk, and Baritone - Sam Love. All were members of the Canton Chapter





     The Silvertones

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The Humdingers were the first district champion quartet from the Canton Chapter. They took the coveted gold medal in 1954. It's members were: Tenor - Frank Siler, Lead - Bill White, Baritone - Vic Glenn and Bass - Ralph Craddock. All were members of the Canton chapter.





     The Humdingers

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The Limelighters were among the first quartets that developed a full, rich blend of impeccable quality. They were an extremely popular quartet for many years, and were crowned Johnny Appleseed District champions in 1974. Its members were: Baritone - Darryl Flinn, Lead - Dave Schmidt, Bass - Dick Middaugh, and Tenor - Tom Remark.   All were members of the Canton Chapter.


     The Limelighters

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